Some amazing vintage finds!

I went to the thrift store the other day, just because I was in the area, and I found these two amazing items!

Vintage sheets and pillowcases. There's enough fabric there for many projects!

I dug this amazing Learn To Crochet pamphlet from the bottom of a bin. I'm actually borrowing this same booklet from my grandma, and the instructions are really great.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ian goes puddle jumping

It was pouring rain, and we just knew that the puddle at the end of the street was at least ankle deep by now. So Ian and I would pull out the rain boots and coats, more for decoration than anything else, since we’d be wet from head to toe in 10 minutes, regardless of our protective gear! Then we’d run down to the corner, and go puddle jumping!

I was reminded of this very special memory this week, during a few days of summer storms and dramatically dark clouds!

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