autumn leaves and pumpkins

I feel like my head is totally into the crisp mornings and incredible colours of the fall. I think that fall is the season that inspires me the most! Here's what I worked on this week after those monogrammed dishes were done. These are listed in my shop, too!

How do you feel about fall? Are you ready to pull out your cozy sweaters?

In honour of fall...

In honour of the first day of fall, a little nesting to share...

A dear friend of mine is getting married this weekend, and I love to give personalized wedding gifts. I've been discovering the fun of painting ceramics lately, so I decided to make her a set of dessert plates.

So, what do you think? I'm absolutely thrilled with the result! They're totally food safe, and even OK in the dishwasher (though I'd still wash them by hand, so that they last longer).

Next up in my shop... ceramics! Any great ideas?

PS, if you know Leanne, ssshhhhhhh! It's a surprise!